Welcome to Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole!

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is beautifully placed among idyllic fjords and majestic mountains in the Norwegian state of Nordmøre. A supermarket, gym hall, sports-stadion and small boat harbour are in walking distance. The cities of Molde and Kristiansund, which both have airports, are not too far away either. 

The school has a proud and traditional history which goes back to 1917. The time-honoured main building is from 1923 and it is the biggest wooden building in the state of Nordmøre. 

The school has five dormitories that constitute a cozy and compact school area. The students live in double or single rooms. In addition, the school offers several sitting rooms and lounges. You will get to know a lot of new friends and learn a lot by living in a dormitory.

Good environment

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is known for its good environment. Being quite far from any major city creates a uniquely active and including school environment. Nordvestlandet FHS wishes to be a school for everyone and has an own class for students with special needs. In addition, Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has an international class with students from all over the world – this establishes a diverse school environment. The proficient staff at the school works with great personal commitment.

Professional educational offers

The school offers a wide range of professional education within sports, outdoor and creative classes. We have qualified and experienced teachers who want you to get the most out of your year at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole!

A school for life

A folk high school is a school for life. A folk high school year lasts for 185 days full of experiences. Personal development and fantastic experiences are the key points of what we want our students to learn through classes and conversations. There are no exams or test at folk high schools – your focus on your own development here!

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is a Christian folk high school which means that it is based on Christian values. In everyday life, you will notice this in our morning assemblies and in some of he lessons. Other christian meetings and activities are voluntary and happen usually in the evenings. We want Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole to be a home for you, with a positive and safe environment!


  • Number of students: around 100
  • Age limit: 18 years
  • Average age of students: 20 years
  • Number of teachers: 10
  • Principal: Bjarte Grøteide
  • Built in: 1917
  • Owned by: Normisjon, Misjonssambandet, Indremisjonsforbundet
  • Organsisation number: 971574259