“Sann Sunn Skapende”

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has a short, yet extensive vision: “sann, sunn, skapende” - which translates to “truthful, sound, creating”. These three words describe most of the things that we wish to be, convey and create. 


Sann – Truthful

To us this means to be trustworthy, to believe in good, jesus-inspired values, to have real commitment with quality and competence.


Sunn – Sound

To be warm and including, to spread happiness and hope, to teach responsibility, tolerance and healthy self-esteem. We want to inspire an active and healthy lifestyle close to nature. 


Skapende – Creating

To challenge and develop. To inspire change and creativity, to create opportunities, meaning, a good community and belief. 

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole wants to convey the good values from folk high school traditions through its vision; at the same time we wish to be open-minded and future-orientated. 

We want our vision to be the basis of everything that happens here at school – we do not want it to be just empty words. Our vision is meant to show us direction in everyday life – and we want to reflect upon what makes a good folk high school. And the things that are good for the students are usually both truthful and sound and creating in some way. 

In contrast to that we can say that things that are neither true and healthy or create a development, hope or meaning in some way are not of much value to us. 


A Christian school

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is a Christian school that is open for everyone irrespective of their background, beliefs and values. Many of the students that come here get Christian friends for the first time in their lives which creates a lot of interesting conversations. It is important for us to convey our values through what we do. We wish to spread Christian charity, forgiveness and respect at our school. We also wish to convey the things we believe in through morning assemblies and voluntary evening meetings. Every morning, all the students gather to sing “the song of the week”, to hear some words and information about the coming day. Every Sunday there is also “Kvilepuls”, a Christian-inspired meeting where you can relax and reflect upon the week. We listen to music, sing together and a teacher or students shares something about their life or belief. A lot of students also decide to join our “conversation groups” which take place at one of the teacher's houses. Here we discuss the small and big questions of life. 


Our solidarity project

A year at a folk high school challenges you to look beyond your own cultural limits. Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole arranges a solidarity project every autumn where we collect money that is used to help people in Kenya and South America that face a lot of challenges. We also learn about the different aspects of this aid. All students have the opportunity to support the projects. Those who travel to Kenya or South America get to see the actual results of our support when visiting those organisations and people. We support i.a. 20 children that everyone who chooses Kenya as their school trip gets to meet. Every year we also arrange a solidarity run with the proceeds going to the solidarity project.