Leisure time

When the school day ends, your free time life at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole begins and there is so much to do! Since the school is not located in a big city, there is a lot of activity at the school itself. This creates a very positive and including school environment.

In addition to it being very social and exciting to live in the same place as almost 100 other students, it is also very good for your personal development to be a part of this community. At the school there is a lot of activities in the afternoons, evenings and weekends. Volleyball, football and badminton are very popular, just like the pool table and the pianos. And the swimming club “Hakkende tann” takes three swims in the sea every month – no matter how cold it is! The knitting club “Strikkende pinne” meets once every week for some knitting, crocheting and maybe some coffee and sweets. You can also learn to walk on a slack line, bake something  nice, play the guitar or stay up late playing board games – all of this is life at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole. And your interests, personality and skills will contribute positively to this school environment.

There is often a wide range of activities in the evenings. Choir, cinema, café, tournaments, game nights and discussion groups are just a few of those. On Sunday evenings we also have “Kvilepuls”, a Christian-inspired meeting where one of the teachers will have a prayer and you will have some time to rest and think. The activities in the evenings are all voluntary, except for the student shows on Saturdays – but you would not want to miss out on those anyway! It is often the highlight of the week, arranged by the students themselves. It is a good opportunity to make use of your creative and acting skills.


We dare to say that you will hardly find another school with such good sports and outdoor facilities as Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole. In addition there are a lot of facilities for creative activities and many common rooms.

The training gyms

Torvikbukt's gym is located at the school and consists of four different rooms for condition and strength training. Here you will find treadmills, a rowing machine, indoor bikes, strength and exercise devices and free weights. All the facilities are free to use for our students.

The gym hall

We have quite a big and well-equipped gym hall at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole that is perfect for volleyball and other ball games, as well as many more free time activities.


Gjemneshallen is the communal sports gym which is about 400 meters away fromthe school. The school sometimes uses it for its classes, but it can also be used in free time. It has the perfect size for handball games. Sports classes often use Gjemneshallen for hockey, badminton, football and handball. The hall also contains a new and modern climbing wall which Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole uses a lot. The climbing wall is also sometimes open in the evenings. The building also has an indoor shooting range.

Beach volleyball fields

In autumn and spring, beach volleyball is a very popular activity at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole. There is a small beach volleyball field right next to the school and two bigger ones next to Gjemneshallen, which are frequently used by the students, both in their classes and their free time.

Frisbee golf field

A new frisbee golf field is being set up in the town. Many of the holes are already set up and close to the school – so you just have to step out of your door to start playing!

Øra stadion

600 meters from the school, there is a football and running stadium. The football field has natural gras and is often used by the students. The running raceway has a hard court. The stadium is right by the sea - so after a sweaty workout, you can just jump in and take a swim in the ocean.


You can also find a mini-pitch very close to the school. It has artificial grass and is frequently used by the schools students.

Activity by the sea

There are a lot of things to do by the fjord - you can for example try fishing or other water sports. Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has boats, fishing equipment, kayaks and surfing boards that the students can use.

Going for a run

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is located in a little town with lots of running and hiking opportunities. A lot of the trails around the school can be used for cycling, horse riding, running, etc. Nordvestlandet folkehøgskoleis also surrounded by a lot of mountains. If you want to go for a hike, you can just start from the school and walk up to mountain tops at 600 to 1000 meters above sea level within a few hours.


The school has a lot of creative rooms as well: the wood carving room, the sewing room, the ceramics room. and a drawing and painting room. These rooms are used in the creative classes, but some of them can also be used by the students after the lessons.


In addition to the music room there is also the café stage which is often used for jamming and band practices. You can also find some pianos at the school that students can freely use in their free time. Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has an active music scene and there are in-house concerts in the café almost every week.


Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has its own café which is organized by the students themselves every Friday. In addition to coffee, ice cream, cake and other sweets, you will also be served live music from the café stage. Sometimes there are also quiz nights or game competitions in the café.


Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has its own cinema which the students can freely use. Films are usually set up several times a week.

The common room

Here you can find lots of cozy sofas. Board games, singing and good conversations often take place in this room.