Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole has five dormitories. They are all built around a cosy schoolyard. It does not take long to get to the dining hall, class rooms, gym and other places. All dormitories have a living room which functions as a joint sitting room as well as a kitchen where the students can cook. You will find both girls and boys rooms in every dormitory. Students usually live in the dormitories  Gamlebygget, Murbygget or in the normal standard rooms at Øvretun. All of those are very cosy dormitories with average amenities. Several rooms share a bathroom here. The school also has higher quality rooms, those are located in Blekkehuset and Lilletun. You can request to live in one of those rooms on your application. It costs a bit extra every month. It is also possible to apply for a single room, then you will get a normal standard single room.


Normal standard – Gamlebygget

This dormitory is located in the time-honoured main building from 1923. Here we have eleven double rooms. The living room is newly renovated and the bathrooms are in the hallway.

Normal standard – Murbygget

Murbygget is the dormitory with the nicest view. The living room is located quite high up, so you will have a fanatstic view over the whole town and fjord. This dormitory has nine double rooms, the bathrooms are in the hallway. You will find a living room and kitchen in this dormitory as well.

Normal standard – Øvretun

Øvretun is located at the top of the school's schoolyard, so you will get a good view over the whole school from here. Bathrooms are in the hallway and there is a living room with a kitchen included that all rooms have access to.

High standard – Blekkhuset

This dormitory was built in 2005. here you will find a higher standard with a bathroom in each room. All rooms are approximately 23 square meters big and they are shaped like a horse shoe with the bathroom in the middle. The students are usually very satisfied with this solution since every student kind of gets their own “room” while still having a roommate. There are 16 double rooms at Blekkhuset on two floors. Every floor has its own living room.

Dagligstua at Gamlebygget

This is a bigger living room for everyone which usually stays open all the time. Sometimes there will be activities in this room as well.