Price calculator for Nordvestlandet FHS 2022-2023

We want it to be as predictable as possible for the students what a year at folk high school costs. That is why we have created this calculator that gives you an accurate overview of what must be paid and when.

The price for a year at Nordvestlandet Folkehøgskole will vary a lot depending on which lines and choices you make. The total price starts at about NOK 110,000.

Board and lodging are billed 5000 in advance and the remaining one tenth each month for ten months

Common Expenses are billed one-tenth each month for ten months

Single room or high standard will be billed half in August and half in January

Main course expenses are billed half in August and half in January. The exception is courses that have the study trip in the autumn. A larger part of the expenses are invoiced there in August. This is so that the trip will be paid for before departure.

Check what you have to pay by filling in the fields below.

Expense Choice Price
Registration fee For everyone 3000
Board and lodging (5000,- in advance an 73000,- during the school year) 78000
Other expenses and trips For everyone 17000
Main class 12000
Learning Norwegian class For international students 1500
Dormatory 0
Total price Everything included

Payment plan

What you have to pay when depends on if you are Eu citizen or not. The Norwegian government requires that non-EU students pay a guarantee sum before applying for VISA

Payment deadline EU students Non-EU students
When accepting spot 0
Before applying for VISA 0 109000
August 1. 5000 0
August 31. 0
September 15. 0
October 15. 0
November 15. 0
December 15. 0
January 15. 0
February 15. 0
March 15.
April 15. 0
May 15. 0 0
Sum 0 0

We have tried to include most of the expenses in this overview. We want it to be as predictable as possible for the students. Here we have listed things that can be added.

  • Some electives
    Most electives are free, and it is always possible to choose only free electives. But we have a few electives such as "Topptur Telemark Alpint" that cost a little.
  • Equipment
    You will need some personal equipment. For example a backpack and sleeping bag and clothes and skis for outdoor life classes.
  • Travel Insurance
    All trips out of Norway require that you have a travel insurance. Many have coverage from their parents' travel insurance.
  • Special Diet
    Students who need special food must pay for this. Contact us for price.
  • Experience Week
    In September, we have an experience week across the lines. There are several free options, but there are also some that cost (such as a 5 day canoe trip). You choose which one to join at the beginning of the school year.

We reserve the right to make errors in the calculator. If you discover errors, we appreciate you contacting us.