With us, you can choose up to seven out of 32 elective subjects during the year! Some of the subjects mentioned below will not be accessible for the Learning Norwegian class.

Ski touring

You get to practice and learn ski touring. One peak every week in the spiring semester.


Here you get a good opportunity to practice your skills and play a lot of football!

Painting and drawing

Do you enjoy drawing or painting? Here you get the opportunity to work with both parts with guidance.

Knife making

It can be nice to go on a trip and have a homemade knife with you. Here you learn to make knife handles and sheaths.

Jewlery making

Here you get the opportunity to make simple jewelery in glass, silver and pearls.


Become a better volleyball player. Here you can both practice technique and play a lot!


A delicious interval workout a week. If you like tough workouts, this is the elective for you!


Learn to paddle a kayak and get a beginner level sertification. 3 day paddling trip in scenic surroundings!


You get basic training in ceramics. We mainly work with blue clay and terracotta clay.

Wood carving

Here you learn simple wood carving. You will also learn how to use and sharpen a wood cutting iron.


One whole day a week with lots of different ballsports and activities throughout the spring term.

Hunter certification

Excellent opportunity to learn about hunting and the Norwegian fauna!

Felting sitting mats

Make and decorate a good seating surface that you can take with you on a trips.

Strength training

Versatile strength training outdoors and indoors. Here you will learn versatile sessions that you can use later in life!


Supervised work with projects in felting, jewelery making, painting and drawing. One full day a week throughout the spring semester.


A subject for you who can already play an instrument! Focus on interaction and performance.

Disc golf

Learn to play, or develop further. Great 18-hole course adjacent to the school grounds!


Learn to cook good and cheap food for dorm life.


Learn basics on guitar and piano. Choral singing and interplay.

Expedition Femunden

Learn to paddle a canoe on a 5-day canoe trip in fantastic Norwegian wilderness!


Learn how to sail, 5 days of sailing in dinghies or on a windsurfing board.

Outdoor cooking

Make a tasty three-course dinner on the fire, every Tuesday in the spring term!


Climbing outside and inside one day a week throughout the autumn semester! Possibility for beginner level certification.

Mountian orienteering

If you are eager to learn and want challenges with maps and compasses, this elective is for you!


Can you renovate? Here you get to contribute to the school community and learn through "handy" projects.

Farm life

Here you get one day of animal care, horse riding and farm work a week! Learn what needs to be done on a farm.


Get an outlet for your creativity by working with the yearbook!


Learn to knit or work on your knitting projects with a skilled tutor!


Here you get to play a lot of badminton! You will learn basic strokes and rules of the game.

Solidarity and sustainability

Learn about and work with sustainability at school and the solidarity project "Just as much worth"!

Photo and video

Learn about and work with the camera, photo composition, image processing and simple video editing.

Expedition Trollheimen

5 day mountain tour with overnight stays in tents in beautiful natural surroundings!

Creative crafts nature

5 days where you can unleash your creative side and go for short hikes in the local nature.

Most electives with us are free, but some cost a little.


  • Outdoor cooking - 1000,- NOK
  • Climbing - 1700,- NOK (add. 200,- NOK for beginner level certification)
  • Ski Touring - 2500,- NOK
  • Farm life - 1700,- NOK
  • Expedition Femunden - 1200,- NOK
  • Kayaking - 1200,- NOK
  • Cooking - 400,- NOK
  • You pay for your own consumption of materials on all creative electives, but the sums are not large. eg: yarn for knitting, knife blade for knifemaking or silver for silver jewellery.