Here you get structured fitness training with close follow-up by a competent trainer! Healthy lifestyle and development in focus. Training camp in southern regions with the opportunity to compete abroad!

The main activities on this major are fitness training in cycling, running and cross-country skiing. Typical sessions are interval training or long walks, but also strength training or alternative training and related activities such as mountain walks or tests. You will have a special opportunity to cultivate and develop your skills and qualities within your favorite activities, but will also be challenged and presented with activities you may never have tried before.

Training week

A standard training week will contain a balanced selection of relevant sessions for you who want to develop within one or more different endurace sports. The teacher will help you to reach your goals and to develop as a cyclist, runner, cross-country skier or perhaps a triathlete with the help of a professional, quality-assured training program.
There will also be a focus on exercise theory and how different forms of exercise and diet affect your prerequisites for development, progress and a healthy lifestyle. On the days you do not have majors (for example weekends and holidays) the teacher will help you with the training programme.

You will learn:

  • Basic physiology and anatomy
  • Planning and implementation of training
  • New sports/activities
  • Relevant diet and nutrition
  • Taking challenges to develop yourself

Highlights of the school year:

  • Cycle race/training camp in Cyprus in March/April
  • Tour de Møre (Cycling experiences in beautiful nature)
  • Birken on skis
  • The mountain run Torvikbukt 6 peaks
  • Climbing/Via Ferrata
  • Cabin trips
  • Romsdalseggen


34.000,- NOK including all trips and activities.

To get an overview of what your year at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole will cost in total, visit our price calculator and the economy page.

Knut A med Sykkelhjelm

The teacher: Knut Anders Fostervold

is a trained Top Coach from the Olympiatoppen (norwegian olympic center) and has trained both elite athletes and exercisers in cardio. He has also been a physical trainer in Molde FK's A-Team and Molde HK's elite league team.
He has 9  medals from the NC in road cycling and has had 3 Norwegian records in speed cycling. Also did a bit of triathlon and was among other things No. 6 in Norseman 2011. Also likes both cross-country skiing and running and has participated in various exercise races and races. 450 games for Molde FK's elite league team in football before  started with road cycling.

 +47 90 04 06 02

Your major at Nordvestlandet will be taught three days of the week. In addition you can choose electives for the remaining two days. Read more about our electives here.

Friluftsliv at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole

There are a lot of folk high schools that offer friluftsliv classes all around Norway, so why should you choose one at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole?

In addition to our fantastic teachers and staff, we might have the best location for friluftsliv in the country. Høgtun is on the northwest side of Norway with amazing nature for sports and friluftsliv. A lot of the mountains around our school are at 1500 -1900 meters above sea level and are perfect for hikes with or without skis. On skiing trips you can easily get to ski down 1600 meters. 

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is located by the sea and there are great water sports and windsurfing opportunities right by the school. Boats and kayaks are free to rent for our students at all times. Hoddevika and Stad are also very close by, these places are great for surfing as well. Additionally, it is not far to drive to ski resorts such as Oppdal with Norway's biggest ski area, Bjorli with Norway's longest skiing season, Tusten ski resort in Molde and Stranda ski resort with amazing off-piste skiing. 

If you find it hard to choose an outdoor sports class, you can read our article about which outdoor sports class fits you best here.