Focus on football, versatility and unity

Do you love football? This is a football course for everyone who loves football, but is especially suitable for you who like Manchester United! We train varied throughout the year with a focus on football, but are also involved in other activities and sports. United is a concept associated with being united, having a common goal, standing together through a year of challenges, development, travel, training and fun. Here we will build the team, "Football United".

Varied and purposeful everyday life

As a football player, it is important to hone the technique, but it is also important to vary exersices and activities to get relief and prevent injuries. On this course, we therefore focus on varied but targeted training and you will experience a wide range of training forms. During the year, the goal is for you to develop technically, tactically, relationally and physically and get closer to your full potential as a football player and human being. Weekdays consist of football sessions in addition to varied additional activities and planning of groundhopping. We also visit other schools to compete in football.

During the year you will get to experience:

  • Football training
  • Football tournaments and matches
  • Futsal
  • Purposeful training that focuses on strength, endurance and quickness
  • Groundhopping in England

In addition you will get to try:

  • Mountain hikes
  • Hockey/Ice-hockey
  • Squash
  • CrossFit
  • Obstacle courses
  • Team-building
  • Cabin trips

...and much more! There is a lot to look forward to!

Your main class at Høgtun will be taught three days of the week. In addition you can choose electives for the remaining two days.


Develop yourself as a football player, team player and human being

"Playing each other better" Nils Arne Eggen (Rosenborg BK) talked a lot about in his time as a football coach. This applies both on and off the football field. Well-being and a good "classroom" environment are the basis for everything, as you develop much better when you thrive.

Throughout the year, we focus on teamwork in various forms, and how you can contribute as best as possible for the group. In team sports, you do not become good alone. An important part of the year will also be setting goals, and you will learn to work strategically to achieve these. During your time at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole, you will experience that you develop both as a person and as a football player - together we make each other better!

Curious about professional football?

Our teacher Knut Anders Fostervold is a former Champions League player and has lots of professional experience. Here you will get a trainer who is above average in terms of being dedicated to football and player development and who will help you to reach your goals.


He knows what it takes to have a football career and can give you direct feedback on what you ought to work on to be successful. Høgtun also has good contacts in Kristiansund ballklubb and there will be lots of opportunities to train with this football club throughout the year. If you are the type that never gets enough of football and likes to play a lot, you can also train and play with a football club lose to the school in addition to your regular classes.

Groundhopping in England

In April, in a decisive period of the Premier League and Championship, we make a journey groundhopping in England where we will visit several famous arenas, including Old Trafford. We are traveling for 7-10 days and have football shoes and running shoes in our bags so we can take a session now and then. Maybe we will find a team to challenge at a neighborhood in London or Manchester? We plan the trip together in class to find the matches that are most interested in, and to set up an itinerary where we get to see as much football as possible. We will also go through some football and cultural history in the process of trip planning. Maybe your football interest gets a new dimension?

Skiing week in Oppdal

In February the whole school will travel to the Oppdal ski resort. We are gonna live in cabins at IMI-Stølen which has a lot of good facilities and cozy rooms!

Here we will have a good time skiing and relaxing in the cabins afterwards. A lot of proficient instructors will accompany us and you will get lessons that suit your skiing level. We offer classes in alpine and telemark skiing as well as snowboarding and cross country skiing. 


In autumn and spring we usually train outside on the football field in Torvikbukt. In Winter there will be more training inside the school's gym and other gyms close by. The school also offers an endurance and a strength training room. Besides that, there are lots of mountains around that offer endurance training with a fantastic view in form of hikes.

Who should choose this class?

Everyone who is very interested in football and prepared for a year with lots of purposeful training. It might be an advantage if you have some experience in playing in a football club, but it is not necessary to apply for this class.

Equipment you need to have

To participate in this class you need football shoes for both indoor and outdoor training.

It is also good to have some outdoor clothing and waterproof clothing. A sleeping mat, sleeping bag, backpack, mittens, hat and scarf. Cross country skis and alpine skis or a snowboard that you can use in a skiing resort (it is also possible to rent those).

These things can you take with you if you have: playstation or x-box with FIFA games, hockey sticks, bicycle, badminton racket.

The teacher: Knut Anders Fostervold

Knut Anders has played more than 270 official football matches in his professional career. He was the captain of Molde Fotballklubb for several years when Molde was playing against Real Madrid, Porto, Olympiakos, CSKVA Moskva and Mallorca in the Champions League. After his football career, Knut Anders started professional cycling and won nine regional championship medals as well as he got three records in Norway. He is a qualified trainer, has studied sports and haas been physical trainer on professional standards in both Molde football club and Molde handball club. He likes to set goals and work towards those and enjoys helping others to reach their goals. Through his enthusiasm and competence he will give you a year full of learning, challenges and development.


32000 NOK for the course including trip to England

If by any chance the coronavirus situation make us have an alternative plan inside Norway - the cost of this course will be significantly less.

To get an overview of what your year at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole will cost, visit our economy page.

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