Meet and become friends with people from all over the world! Explore Norwegian culture and learn how to understand and speak Norwegian.

The ‘Learning Norwegian’ class takes place two to four times a week, during the the time the other Norwegian students have elective subjects and seminars. International students are required to take the Learning Norwegian course unless they are already fluent in Norwegian. Usually about 10 % of the students are international students.

Beside Learning Norwegian, you get to choose a main course, a plus course in both the fall and winter and a school trip. This diverse subject range creates a new and exciting experience daily with all the different activities and opportunities at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole!

During the course of the year you learn to speak Norwegian and get an incredible introduction to Norwegian culture and history. International students are also exposed to a lot of culture by living with other Norwegian students in a dorm.


You won’t need any specific equipment for this course. But in general at school, you will need some equipment for trips. You will get more information when you apply.



Text books and small class trips: 1700,-

To get an overview of what your year at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole will cost in total, visit our price calculator and the economy page.

Other subjects

This course is a plus course that runs weekly. In addition you get to choose a main subject. Take a look in the menu.