Here you get to go on adventures! Wave surfing, MTB and via ferrata are some of the things you get to do. A year you won't be bored! Join us for a year with other adventurers.

Versatile sports and outdoor life

Have you tried sea kayaking, wave surfing and via ferrata? Or what about fencing, MTB and disc golf? We offer a varied program of sports, ball games, outdoor activities, fitness, play and fun. This is the major for you who enjoy being in motion both outdoors and indoors, and who like to challenge yourself. We seek flow experiences both individually, in groups and as a class.

Many different activities and new challenges

At Multisport Adventure - Norway, you will have a unique opportunity to try many different activities throughout the year, all of which challenge you in different ways. During a year here, you will get to explore many of the opportunities that exist in the region and Norway. We will have some overnight stays outdoors in a hammock and in a tent.

Some days we will spend time in the sports hall with ball sports such as volleyball, floorball and badminton. We have good facilities at the school, but for some activities we also travel to Molde and Kristiansund. Activities we do on such excursions are gymnastics in the gymnasium, ice skating, hockey and curling.


We spend most of the year in the region around the school. Some of the highlights here are the Romsdalseggen and via ferrata at Åndalsnes, and we travel a bit further to go surfing in Hoddevika and canoeing with the whole class.

You will get to learn:

  • Many forms of basic training
  • Learn to know yourself better in new situations.
  • Basic techniques in many different activities.
  • Map and compass.
  • Overnight outdoors
  • First aid course

You will also get to try:

  • Single track MTB
  • Via ferrata and bouldering
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Gymnastics
  • Trampoline park

The teacher: Lars Andreas Fauske Lillebø

Has a bachelor degree in sports and outdoor life from Høgskolen i Volda. He is very fond of activities in snow and water, especially freeriding and surfing. Through his enthusiasm, humour and good conversations he will give you an unforgettably fantastic year with lots of action and good challenges.

 +47 41 62 61 10


The school offers some good sports facilities and has a lot of equipment for lots of activities. Nonetheless you need some personal equipment like hiking boots, skis (also possible to rent), a sleeping bag, a backpack, clothing, etc. Here is a complete Equipment list


19.000 NOK icludes all the activities and trips of the major.

To get an overview of what your year at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole will cost, visit our economy page.

Our expectations of you:

  • That you will make a positive contribution to the class and school environment.
  • That you are ready for fun challenges.
  • That you can participate actively in the teaching.
  • That you are motivated for indoor and outdoor activity in all kinds of weather.

Get in a good all-around shape

You do not need to be in top shape to apply for this class since you will develop both your skills and your physical form in the course of the year. Sometimes we will have workouts that focus more on endurance while others will have more focus on just having fun - we are for example going to have camp fires outside or play games. You will try out lots of different things and who knows, maybe you will discover some hidden talents? The Multisport major is a great opportunity to get in good all-round shape while having lots of fun.

Your major at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole will be taught three days of the week. You will also attend the Learning norwegian class. In addition you can choose some electives. Read more about our electives here.

Experience Norwegian nature

The school is located in a beautiful environment close to the sea, many forests and fjords and spectacular mountains. We will take some time to explore all of those surroundings on many short trips.

Skiing week in Oppdal

In February the whole school will travel to the Oppdal ski resort. We are gonna live in cabins at IMI-Stølen which has a lot of good facilities and cozy rooms!

Here we will have a good time skiing and relaxing in the cabins afterwards. A lot of proficient instructors will accompany us and you will get lessons that suit your skiing level. We offer classes in alpine and telemark skiing as well as snowboarding and cross country skiing. 

Friluftsliv at Nordvestlandet

There are a lot of folk high schools that offer friluftsliv classes all around Norway, so why should you choose one at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole?

In addition to our fantastic teachers and staff, we might have the best location for friluftsliv in the country. Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is on the northwest side of Norway with amazing nature for sports and friluftsliv. A lot of the mountains around our school are at 1500 -1900 meters above sea level and are perfect for hikes with or without skis. On skiing trips you can easily get to ski down 1600 meters. 

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is located by the sea and there are great water sports and windsurfing opportunities right by the school. Boats and kayaks are free to rent for our students at all times. Hoddevika and Stad are also very close by, these places are great for surfing as well. Additionally, it is not far to drive to ski resorts such as Oppdal with Norway's biggest ski area, Bjorli with Norway's longest skiing season, Tusten ski resort in Molde and Stranda ski resort with amazing off-piste skiing. 

If you find it hard to choose an outdoor major, you can read our article about which outdoor major is right for you here.