At Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole you will get four meals every day. The dining hall and kitchen are located in the main building. The new main kitchen was finished in 2013 and the dining hall is a big room with a nice view over the fjord. The kitchen staff cooks good and varied meals and for dinner you will get everything from local food to newer dished inspired by other countries. A lot of the food is homemade, like knekkebrød and chocolate cake. There will be fresh fruit every day and dessert on sundays.

A typical menu:


  • Bread, a wide range of different spreads, porridge, cereal, fruits and greens, milk and juice.



  • Varied Norwegian dishes. Meat, chicken and fish with different side dishes such as salad, greens, pasta, rice, potatoes. Sometimes we also have vegetarian food for a day.



  • Bread,  a wide range of different spreads, cereal, greens, milk.

On Saturdays we usually have rice porridge for dinner and taco, pizza or something similar for supper.

On Sundays we will have dessert after dinner and coffee and cake after supper.


Dietary restrictions and food allergies:
We try to comply with your needs and possible intolerances. If you need gluten free food it will cost 7000kr extra for the whole school year. If you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet or are lactose intolerant you do not have to pay extra, but please inform the school before you come here.